Created: 2014.02.27 / Updated: 2019.10.17 13:33
Greeting of the ambassador in the Presidential palace Annex 1
Ceremony of presentation of the letters of credence Annex 2
Greeting/farewell of the official guest in the international Vilnius airport Annex 3
Greeting of the official guest in the Presidential palace Annex 4
Wreath laying ceremony in the Antakalnis cemetery Annex 5
Registration of member of mission form Annex 6
Registration of member of side-accredited mission form Annex 7
VAT and excise duty exemption certificate Annex 8
Application for vehicle registration Annex 9
Application for flight into or within Lithuanian territory by foreign state aircraft Annex 10
European Union diplomatic clearance form Annex 11

Application for refund of paid taxes

Annex 12